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Joan of Arc and the Dragon-Stars: Book Six

New Book!

Joan of Arc and the Dragon-Stars: Book Six

Earth has been saved from the Twins of Triton (two asteroids on a collision course) by the saurians and the Starfinder Tiperia. Just before leaving the planet, Brian Miller has a small request: save Joan of Arc from the fires of execution in France 1431! The lord of the lizardanians’ second, Soreidian, supports Brian in his bizarre entreaty (he has something more diabolical in mind). Brian and Soreidian have a surprising fight. The captain capturing Joan of Arc challenges the shape-shifted Littorian, who also needs a rescue from an unexpected source. The quest gets more difficult as Death Incarnate engages in a chess game with Brian, and dragons in Romania need a rescue too! Anakimian, a young alligatorian, featured in Brian Miller and the young star dragons, wishes to make Joan his companion but is hampered by the Time Keeper and must make a very dire decision. Can Joan survive?

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A New Generation of Young Adult Novels

Most people would be terrified if they encountered a dragon, but Brian Miller and his companions are in touch with these celestial beasts. My Brian Miller series has plenty of action, but the stories are also about the compassion and empathy that two very different creatures can have for one another.

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About J. Michael Brower

My name is J. Michael Brower, and over the past few years, my young adult novels have touched the lives of many. I am overjoyed that the adventures of Brian Miller have reached so many, from children to adults, who seek to escape reality for a while.

If you are new to my writing, you'll find influences from both Chinese and Japanese cultures, including an interesting new spin on traditional dragons. My star dragons are unique beings that originated in the cosmos, but now find themselves roaming the same land as Brian Miller.

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